That night in Cardiff…

It’s 3 in the morning. The referee blows the whistle. Thrice; and as soon as the third ‘Phurrrrr’ ends, I see all the substitutes and the assistant managers start running towards the middle of the pitch. Even I’m not in my chair. I’m just standing there right in front of the TV. I see people in the purple jerseys dancing, celebrating, running towards each other with joy. I see some tears too. I’m still standing there like a crazy person, just a feet away from the TV. Still can’t figure out how I am supposed to feel. I’m just watching all these wonderful things happening in Cardiff. I see an old guy bringing that beautiful platinum-plated thing onto the podium. People who were wearing those purple jerseys put on the white ones now. They all are gathered up on the podium.

“We are the champions!”

“We are the champions!”

“No time for losers,”

“’Cause we are the champions… Of the world!”

I hear the famous song of Queen. I’ve to keep the volume of the TV to the lowest as my dad is sleeping in the next room. I see a warrior-looking guy receives that platinum-ware from the old guy. People in white jerseys are too eager to touch that platinum-ware. The guy looks as calm as anyone ever would be. He asks them to stay calm for a while as he is about to walk towards them. They all are jumping, dancing. Pure joy. Nada mas. He comes, stands in the middle of the group and at the count of three, the UEFA Champions League trophy goes up! For third time in four years by the same team! The same team that have lifted this trophy more than any other team on this planet, 12 mammoth times! The team – the club – which is awarded as the club of the 21st century, the Real Madrid C.F.!

What a night that was! Even though winning UCLs is more than a habit for Real Madrid C.F., we all fans were still eagerly waiting for the final; And boy, the way this team delivered?! Simply majestic! I remember the matchday. The whole world was against Real Madrid C.F. for winning this prestigious competition in back to back years. All the social media platforms were flooded with the support towards the opponents. Everyone, except Real Madrid C.F. fans, has already declared the opponent team as the winner of 2016-17 UCL; But beating all these odds, the great Real Madrid C.F. lifted the trophy without any extra workload, beating Juventus, the Serie A champions, by 4 big goals to 1.

The Real Madrid C.F. went through some hard moments over the past a couple of years. They had their manager sacked in last season due to bad quality of outputs, they had to release some important players two seasons back, they had to find and sign some new players, Especially the CDM position when Alonso left, they went trophy-less a couple of seasons back, they had to see their rivals clinching a treble. The team was going through the transition phase, but still they never gave up. There is a reason they are the club of the 21st century; and they proved it after clinching the league and the European title this year.

This achievement isn’t the result of individual efforts, but the whole teamwork over the past year. The team, that is made not only of big players, but also of the manager and their support staff. Since the French magician Zinedine Zidane took the charge of managing this giant club, every self-claimed football pundit was saying that he is good enough as a player, but it takes a lot more than being just a great football player to handle such a big club – the club that always have extra-humongous expectations from the players and the managers as well; but see how funny the things turned out, as those same football pundits now call him as one of the greatest managers. The manager who was once mocked as the ‘lucky one’, is now holding two gold medals of UCL and a La Liga title, over the span of merely 18 months.

Even though the manager comes up with hundreds of tactics, plans, formations, it’s still players’ job to execute those plans over the field; and that’s why all these players who are in the squad, even though they aren’t the part of the matchday squad, are the most important ones. Real Madrid C.F. never had any problems with their attackers as they were fortunate to sign some of the bests in that department. Zidane, Di Maria, Ronaldo, Benzema(?) are some of the bests Real Madrid C.F. signed over the years. The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo was the much-needed boost for Real Madrid C.F.. He impressed us time to time whenever the team needed him the most. We can take this season as an example. Cristiano was there whenever the team was winning, but the most important part is, he was there whenever the team was in the losing position. He is the one who scored most of his UCL goals in the knockout stages, the time when the team needed him to score. Also it is impossible to forget the contribution of rest of the players such as Benzema (His solo goal against Atletico Madrid), Modric, Kroos, Isco (Invaluable contributions such as the control over the game, crucial passes, creating chances for attackers), Kovacic, Casemiro (CDMs which were always needed to regain possessions, to support the defenders), Ramos, Varane, Pepe, Nacho (Well, these are defenders, don’t need to say more about them), Navas (Can’t thank him enough and the faulty ‘fax-machine’! Obviously! (If you know what I mean!)) and the most important players like Carvajal and Marcelo (The defensive wingers that are needed to provide those crosses for the attackers).

So all I can say after witnessing every match and analysing this whole season that, the both titles are the product of the hard-work of the players and the supporting staff, hence they all deserve it to hold on to them; and so do the fans all over the world for the constant support towards their beloved club, through thick and thin. We all love this club, these great players and all the other things that belong to this beautiful club.

¡Hala Madrid Y Nada Mas!


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