To the all beautiful games… And friends!

Some words have magic in them; some kind of a magical effect; more like a magnetic! For me, those are cricket, football, tennis, UFC blah blah and more blah blah. The list goes on; just like the winning streak of The Undertaker in the Wrestlemania! (Why Brock, WHY??) Whenever I hear these words (spells? got to be!), I just can’t ignore them. Even when they are coming from strangers, I just can’t help; I have to lend an opinion whatever they’re discussing about. And I know those people won’t judge me about my eavesdropping, because a true sports fan is always open for sharing their insights with the other one.

This sports thing, is like oxygen to me. I just can’t imagine my life without these exciting events happening all around the world; and you can call it my fortune or the purple patch (Just grabbed the attention of all the cricket lovers!), but the friends that I’ve got are also the ones who love sports more than anything in their life.

If you go anywhere in India and ask people about their dream job when they were kids, the most frequent answer you’ll get would be, “Bruh, I so wanted to be a cricketer!”, or, “Damn, if it wasn’t for this engineering, I would have known to be the successor of the great…” and he looks straight up in the sky with both of his index fingers pointing towards it (Yup, the little magician!). This is love. This is passion.

And this kind of passion and love is present in a mammoth amount in our group of sporties. One of these sporties is the Surya Don. We both exhibit the same ability to discuss about any sports that has an existence in this world. He is a real sports lover. He was even in the basketball team of our college. He has participated in many athletics competitions on school level too. So it is nothing but obvious that he has a big reservoir of information about cricket, football (¡Hala Madrid!), tennis (“Rafa’s still got it, man!”), basketball. My other friend, Pratik, also has played cricket on district level, so no doubt he’s a cricket lover (“Rohit Sharma’s gonna hit at least one century in this Champions Trophy, mark my word!” and Ghongadi be like, “Even though West Indies aren’t playing in the Champions Trophy, Sunil Narine still will hit the fastest century!”). Shriyansh (He’ll be called as Billu in the rest of the article) is a Barcelona fan. So is Tikoo. Billu is good at football, especially at goal-keeping. We call him ‘Barcelona’s Pinto’!

So on the off period, we all sports-enthusiasts share our insights; more like arguments. Sometimes discussion starts from cricket, then it settles on football. Billu and Tikoo start putting arguments about their beloved club FC Barcelona. Surya and I both are true Madridistas (Yes Billu, I used to take FCB as my team on PES12 in the 1st year, only because Messi had the highest rating in it. Get over it!). Now if you’re a football fan, you don’t need another clue about the way this argument would go! Meanwhile Dharkar comes with his Chelsea (Congrats for your league title, sorry for the FA Cup, happy seeing you getting all those free points from Wenger in the next season as well! #WengerIn!). The topic slowly starts to move on to tennis rivalries. All the legends like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Lord Gulbis (Well, he is the Lord for a reason!) and the great Rafael Nadal (Even though I’m an atheist, Rafa is my God!) start making their way into our conversation. Intensive questions like who’s going to clinch the French Open title (“Hey Rat, you remember that Robin Soderling guy?” “Like am I gonna forget about him, like ever, Surya?!”) or is Rafa Nadal still fit enough to get his La Décima, start popping out from here and there. This conversation starts becoming more like a live expert TV show rather than just an ordinary conversation, because nothing concrete comes out off it!

I’d seriously like to thank all these people who are not only my friends but also my non-striking partners! Kudos to you all for making these 4 years sports-fully delightful! And for those who didn’t get a mention in this article, just remember that Conor McGregor is going to have a boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather in August (Well, it has nothing to do with those people, I’m just too excited for the bout!).


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